TransCanada in Mexico

TransCanada in Mexico

“Working closely with the Project Team, the Operations Team, contractors, CFE and Pemex has been an amazing experience and I have forged some great relationships with a tremendous group of people.”
-John Plaster, Commissioning Coordinator

TransCanada’s presence in Mexico dates back to the mid 1990’s, when TransCanada constructed two of the first privately owned pipelines in Mexico. In 2012, TransCanada was awarded two pipeline projects in the Northwest region of the country. These projects, known as the Encino-Topolobampo Pipeline and the El Oro-Mazatlan Pipeline, are both expected to be in-service in 2016. The pipelines will connect U.S. natural gas to key demand centers along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. By 2016, TransCanada’s total investment in Mexico will be approximately US $2.6 billion.

TransCanada’s presence in Mexico is growing as the country seeks to connect supply of natural gas to demand markets by expanding its natural gas transportation grid. Key to much of this growth in infrastructure is the increase in natural gas demand from industrial users as well as from the power sector, which is pursuing a reliable low cost source of clean energy.

Opportunities in Mexico

TransCanada has a history of natural gas pipeline infrastructure development in Mexico and to date has built effective relationships and an excellent corporate reputation in the country. Mexico is part of TransCanada’s North American strategy and our objective is to grow our position in Mexico’s natural gas transmission business.

TransCanada strives to create a positive career experience for our people. We want to attract and motivate employees who have the skills we need to operate our business internationally.

Working with TransCanada

TransCanada’s mission is to provide reliable supplies of energy across the continent, safely and responsibly. We are proud that millions of people can depend on us for the energy they need each day.

We’re there every day delivering and, in some cases, generating, the energy that’s so essential to heat homes, fuel businesses, and keep the lights on. While the name is TransCanada, the company spans the continent. With headquarters in Calgary, Canada, TransCanada also has a significant presence in the United States and continuing growth in Mexico. TransCanada has more than 5,000 full-time employees across North America.